• We have been manufacturing pottery at Gojozaka, the home of Kiyomizu-yaki, for 100 years.
    We create refined designs, constantly seeking for novelty while respectin traditon.
    We provide our customers original designs that cannot be found anywhere in the wold.
  • Since our humble beginning here at Gojo-Zaka in Kyoto, we have entered the 21st century and now celebrate more than 88 years of operation. Within this journey we continue the steady flow of the new and innovative works and techniques by building on preexisting traditions. At the 2nd Annual Kyoto Trade Fair many new works were presented. Our strong point has definitely become our innovativeness and quest for the new within our strong traditions. We focus on handmade works making for high variety and limited production. When our customers purchase a piece, they are purchasing a one of a kind work that holds to the value and hard work that could only come from Fujihira Ceramics. The possibility for brilliant designs are endless. After 88 years, we are just getting started. We continue to delve into the yet- unknown beauty of ceramics. In the coming years and the far off future we will continue producing creative innovations for everyone to enjoy.
  • Shin Fujihira(1922-2013)
  • Gojozaka Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu
    About 1 minute from the Gojo-zaka bus station
    Approximately a 10 minute walk from the Keihan Gojo Station
  • ※ We do not have a parking lot. Please use other ones nearby.